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BBQ Sauces and Rubs Box

Bumblebee Cottage BBQ Sauces and Rubs Box

BBQ Sauces and Rubs Box


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Our BBQ Sauce and Rubs Box has been a LONG time in then making. We’ve imagined all our favourite BBQ flavours, and then created a sauce, each using our own home grown chillies, to compliment them. So, we have included in this box:

Hot Blooded Spicy Ketchup – this is like tomato ketchup re-imagined. The sauce is lovely and rich and with it’s hint of chilli in the background, is perfect for the BBQ as it just overrides any burnt tastes to give both juicy and fairly traditional flavour, but some loose texture too, as you’d expect in say a Burger or Hot Dog that’s been flamed over the coals.

Bee Sting Hot Honey Mustard – you absolutely HAVE to have mustard on some dishes but which mustard? English? French? American Style? Grainy? To add another dimension, we’ve made our mustard from local Cornish Honey as well as our Chillies to give a mustard with a bit of a sweet ‘kick’.

Hall of Flame BBQ Sauce – this was the hardest product we’ve ever made as we knew the flavour profile we were after but we had to describe this to our development team in the factory in Truro. Best described as a Louisana style BBQ sauce made with local Wrecking Coast Whisky and again, our chillies. This is absolutely wonderful over Chicken Wings, Ribs and Steak. Possibly our favourite ever sauce, and named after our business friend and mentor, Lee Hall.

Chippy Dippy Curry Sauce – Ever had Chip Shop Curry Sauce? We loved it so much that we made our own and then bottled it! This curry sauce actually uses our own curry powder that we sell separately, as well as our own Chillies and is a ‘not too hot’ sauce for chips, tacos, nachos etc. This came top in our consumer testing for this batch of sauces.

Piri Piri Rub– Piri Piri (or Peri Peri) is a African-Portuguese originated rub seasoning that is perhaps the most versatile of all the rubs that we sell here at Bumblebee Cottage because as well as being great for use as a dry rub, it can also be used as a wet rub when added to oil (like Jerk Chicken) but unlike Jerk Seasoning, Piri Piri is also lovely when used on chips (British use of the word here, not American) and vegetables too.

Jerk Rub – This is a spicy dry mix powder that you simply massage into meat (traditionally Chicken or Pork) but also fish. In fact, we use this rub as a ‘cure’ for Salmon over night before we cold smoke the fish on the Kamado.

Some people also like to apply a wet rub, and this has its own merits too. Simply mix a spoonful or two of dry rub in a small bowl with some olive oil, and apply wet instead.

Cajun Rub – Cajun Seasoning has long been a favourite at the outdoor BBQ. Derived mainly from Southern American States but with a deeper history going back to Canada and Western France, this seasoning is a ‘must have’ in any outdoor kitchen or at any serious BBQ event.

Braai Rub – Like Jerk and other dry rubs, you simply massage this powder into your food, but unlike Jerk which is really best with Chicken, Pork or Fish, Braai is wonderful with other meats too.

Each sauce comes in at 250ml, and each rub comes in a 50g re-sealable pouch, so for just £30 you’ll have a litre of BBQ sauces, all nicely boxed up and 4 rubs to really let your friends and family know how seriously you take your BBQs!

This ultimate box is perfect as a gift for any BBQ lover, or even for takeaways and the Friday night chippy run!

Please see individual bottles or product listings (x4).

Please see individual bottles or product listings (x4).