3 Bean Salad with Feta Cheese

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3 Bean Salad with Feta Cheese

3 Bean Salad with Feta Cheese

This recipe sounds so bland but it really can turn on the charm once on the plate. I have eaten dishes similar to this in Europe, particularly in Greece, and each recipe is slightly different. But the general gist is the same  – a mix of beans, with a soft cheese, dressing and other additions…

Perfect for a mid week meal, a starter, or when on a diet or trying to save a few quid. We ourselves enjoy this every 10 days or so. You can accompany the dish with some home made foccacia too if you wish and this also helps mop up some of the lovely juices from the dressing.

Preparation time
Cooking time

400g-ish, of 3 x different types of beans (I prefer dried beans)
Feta Cheese
Spring  Onions
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
Cherry Tomatoes
Dash of Chilli Sauce

This is a great mid week meal for when you’re running short in the cupboard (or pocket) or if you’re just short of time.

I personally prefer dried beans – they are cheaper, last longer and Ii can serve the exact ammount I want rather than be constrained by the size of the tin. For this dish, I like to include kidney beans, chick peas + one other. But it doesn’t really matter too much, thne beans are more about size and texture than taste once a dressing has been added. But if using dried beans like me, make sure you soak overnight and rinse before preparation the next evening.

Assuming you’ve used dried beans also, you’ll need to cook these off before creating your salad. I like to use a homemade stock and then to simmer down for about an hour os ro. Depending on the beans you use, some will require more time, and some less, so follow the instructions on the respective packets.

Once cooked, and draind, you can add to a mixing bowl. Simply chop a handful of spring onions, chop a block of feta cheese and toss in the bowl and gently mix by hand.

Create a dressing by mixing some olive oil (best quality if possible as you’ll really taste it in this dish), a spoonful of mustard and some lemon juice. I also like to add a dash or two of chilli sauce to liven up the taste.

The recipe can easily be expanded at this stage, so experiment by adding in some pine nuts or pumpkin seeds for some crunch, or maybe some crutons. I like to add fresh parsley or corriander too, and I’ve even added boiled new potatoes which I have cubed.

Add the dressing to the bowl of ingredients and toss. This dish works well with a nice foccacia as well.

Low cost, low calorie and healthy! Lovely for a summers evening on the veranda with a glass of Savingnon Blanc!

I like to vary this dish each time I present it. Sometimes I add fresh herbs and a little more lemon zest as it really makes the dish feel so fresh.

The dressing is the key element (even more so than the beans), so experiment too with how you like a dressing to taste. Good quality olive oil is always worth saving for a dish like this, but capers can add a nice saltiness and for me, you can’t go wrong with a piunch or two or chilli flakes or chilli powder….

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